The latest generation chiptuning flasher




Compatible with almost all vehicles

In addition to ease of use, one of the advantages of Dimtronic is its diversity. Around 11292 vehicles with more than 4300 protocols and over 1 can be read and overwritten with this flasher tool via Boot Tricore or OBD socket.
For us, standing still means taking a step backwards. For this reason, we regularly work on the further development of our ECUs to enable you to achieve even better performance. We do NOT incur any additional costs for these updates.

Comprehensive guide

Instructions and easy to understand pictures
and instructions for all vehicles.

All protocols

Get access to all protocols for a single annual upgrade fee.

ECU / TCU cloning

Old control unit broken? No problem with the Diamond simply clone a new one.

OBD Flash

Work with thousands of protocols quickly and stably via the diagnostic port.


The Diamond can also be used to work on open control units.


Edit the control unit without opening it, simply on the original connector.


Whether it's installation or daily use, our team is here to help.

Sieve protocols

All protocols have been tested on several thousand motor control devices. Without problems

5 years warranty

You have 5 years full warranty on the Dimtronic device. Without extra costs for repair.

Customized flasher with longevity guarantee

We at Dimtronic do not think much of 0815. Accordingly, we also offer our customers the possibility to customize our Dimtronic software to their liking and to adjust it to their personal wishes and requirements.
Our products additionally vouch for quality. For this reason, we can also offer you a five-year warranty on our tool with a clear conscience, although the actual service life is normally significantly longer.

Who is this tool for?


You are a professional tuner and you are looking for a fast, powerful and user-friendly ECU programming tool for you and your slave customers.

Repair ECU

You want to restore or clone the motor ECU and need to access the microcontroller’s built-in memory, including iflash, dflash, and eflash.

Car Enthusiast

You are full of curiosity and enthusiasm and just want to access the ECU information of your vehicle. Then the Diamond is just right.

Perfect interaction of
Soft - and hardware

Our software and hardware are always state-of-the-art. Our OBD tool is therefore mainly aimed at chip tuning professionals who have already had their first experience in dealing with engine tuning. In doing so, we also gladly accept the direct competition: In terms of quality and usability, we outperform our competitors and also offer you a perfect solution if you have already used another ECU tool beforehand.